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A Passion for Renewable Energies

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Comprehensive solutions for energy transition with an expansive range of intelligent products for solar energy generation the brainchild and mission of the founders and employees of Suntron Energy.
With projects totalling many megawatts of installed capacity brought to completion in recent years, both domestically and internationally, our customers benefit from our extensive experience in solar power generation. We develop dependable and sustainable projects and investment opportunities to safeguard power supply to our customers.
Our persistent focus on the needs and desires of our customers make Suntron Energy a partner that you can truly rely on for tailored photovoltaic energy supply products and services, with flexible financing options.
We engineer, construct, finance, operate and monitor solar energy solutions worldwide with an ecological, social and economic outlook.
             Suntron Energy
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Our Project:

Project: Man Steel & Power
Location: Agar
Type: Solar Power Plant
System Size: 15Mwp
Module Type: ET-P660245
Connection: Aug-2014

Project: Gurukrupa Energy
Location: Bagli
Type: Ground Mounted System
System Size: 2Mwp
Module Type: ET-P660245
Connection: Aug-2014

Project: Vijay Vargiya Urja Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Ratlam
Type: Ground Mounted System
System Size: 10Mwp
Module Type: ET-P660245
Connection: Nov, 2014

Our rich experience in power plant
of various sizes (5MW to 660MW)